Should I ask my wedding photographer if he can provide video coverage too?

What is Hybrid Photo/Video coverage?

Hybrid coverage is a relatively new way to have your wedding covered with a main focus on photography, with the added bonus of videography.

Hybrid coverage means in addition to photography, you will get a highlight film, usually lasting 3-6 minutes (Elopements) or 5-10 minutes (All day Wedding) depending on the length and flow of your wedding day.

What will be in the video?

The video will include mostly candid moments from the day, edited into one film to show your wedding day in it’s best light.

The core focus remains on photography, while getting moments in between as film, to create a well balanced package. Hiring two teams has been the traditional way to get photo and video work of your wedding.

What if I want a longer video, more in depth?

On the other hand if you would like the whole ceremony, all of the speeches, and a long form video between 30-60 minutes, documenting your day, it's absolutely worth getting both photo and video teams.

What are the biggest benefits?

But, if you want something shorter, still beautiful, in a more easily digestible package, or maybe you would prefer to save money for something else in your wedding (or honeymoon!) instead of hiring two teams, hybrid coverage is the choice for you. 

Click on the YouTube video down below to see an example of what a hybrid shooter can achieve....