Is an elopement wedding the best option for me?

So, before I answer this question, lets first dive in to what an elopement actually is…..

The historical definition was always one of scandalous romance, a couple running away without telling anyone, maybe a forbidden love, and getting married in sudden and secretive fashion without parental approval.

However nowadays, it’s seen as a small, intimate gathering, sometimes only the bride, groom, registrar and photographer (who sometimes doubles as the witness).

Weddings tend to be grand celebrations that need seating plans, cake tastings and everything in between. Don’t get me wrong, elopements can also involve these things, but on a much smaller and less stressful scale.

The beauty of an elopement is there are endless possible venues. Want to get married on the beach? No problem. Ceremony in the local park? Of course. Top of a mountain? Why not.

With an elopement, the venue is essentially wherever you want it to be, without the hefty deposit of a wedding venue.

Some elopements have only the couples close family and friends, this doesn’t mean you can’t invite everyone and their aunt, but the guest list is a far more casual an affair. No seating plan necessary, and the reception can be in any eatery, bar, cafe or cave you want it to be.

The service itself can be religious or secular and only a few minutes long, but they may be the most important moments of your life. Thats why it is important to have a photographer there, to capture the essence of the ceremony and all of the moments within it.

The scariest part of any wedding is usually the price tag. Traditional weddings with a larger guest list can get pricy when you add up all of the different components of the day. Elopements are an affordable alternative to the couple on a budget, who want to put their funds to an all inclusive in Barbados honeymoon.

Elopement weddings allow you more command over the day, have less people in attendance, clothing rules can be flexible. This day is less about the pomp and ceremony of a wedding and more about your commitment to each other.

The day can then be less about the financial and social pressures and more about what is important - each other.

Elopement, yes or no? leave your comments below…..