My Approach

My approach to photographing your wedding

So, you want to know how I work, and how I go about documenting your wedding day?

Although I may appear calm and relaxed on the surface, you should know is that I’m incredibly focused and driven to create images for my couples.

I don’t stop watching, observing, moving or documenting, and I always just go with the flow of the day, there’s generally a shot list (if you want one) for the family portraits but for most of it I follow my gut and get involved.

Couple kissing

The light, location, the people, the moments, the speeches, the laughs, the tearful moments, each and every one is unique to that day. Moments like this can’t be staged or re-created, they just happen, and I love that I get to capture those moments.

I completely immerse myself within the day, becoming more of a wedding guest than “the wedding photographer”.

Documentary and reportage, fine art, creative or natural light?

I find it really difficult to pigeonhole myself into a particular style or genre, but for me, there are elements of each one of those tags that could apply to my work. I see my photography as an artistic collaboration, a collaboration between myself and my couples, and a relationship that means far more than just being a wedding photographer.

Couple smiling

From the second I step out of my car on the morning of a wedding, right through to the moment I get back in at the end of the night, I don’t stop making creative decisions.

That next image might be an obvious one; the bride and groom sharing a kiss, the father of the bride seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time.

I’m always hunting those moments, the in-between moments, the ordinary interactions between people, the little things that happen before or after the obvious, the people around you, the people in the background.

I don't really pose people

I might go so far to suggest where a couple go and stand, but I’m a big believer in just allowing couples to be themselves on the wedding day, I want my images to reflect them, their personalities and the landscape around us.

What I love is the creative process and documenting of the unknown, I get to spend a day with great people, having the time of their lives, and with complete creative control. And at the end of it all, I get to present my couples with an incredible set of images to remember their day by.